Eleanor Goroh was inspired by her family to investigate the history and culture of the musical instrument, the Sompoton. Eleanor has created a farm dedicated to producing the ingredients needed to make the traditional instrument, the Sompoton. This important ancient instrument is a link to a Sabah's cultural past and Eleanor is dedicated to ensuring it's customs survive. Half an hour out of Kota Belud, in the northwest of Sabah is beautiful Kadamaian. Here at the base of Mount Kinabalu we visited Eleanor Goroh to discuss her work with the traditional Kadazan instrument, the Sompoton.
Many years ago, Dominic found himself hospitalised and wheelchair bound. A fellow patient showed him the traditional art of basket weaving and he has since become a master artisan at this craft. Dominic continues to make beautiful handmade crafts and provides a vital link to Sabah's past and heritage. His goods are much in demand and he is sharing his skills with others to ensure cultural continuity. On the way back to Kota Kinabalu from Kadamaian we also visited Dominic Binsurat at his home in Kiulu. Most people know Kiulu for it’s exciting river rafting but it is here that Dominic practices his traditional crafts.
By most people's account, Nasi Lemak is Malaysia's national dish, enjoyed by everyone whatever their background. Many local kampung chefs make their version of it to sell in roadside stalls to sleepy workers on their way to work. The head chef at the 5 star hotel Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu has his own personal favourite way of preparing this dish that he is sharing with us.
Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu is a beautiful 5 star hotel in the heart of Kota Kinabalu. Overlooking the bustling markets and the gorgeous islands at the city’s doorstep, Le Meridien is an exciting and stunning place to visit in Sabah.
PACOS Trust is one of Sabah's oldest NGOs. They started as a small land-rights activist group but have grown to be a multi-pronged organisation that is dedicated to raising the living standards of Sabah's most vulnerable. They have done incredible work in their community and we talk to Anne Lasimbang about how they started and what they plan for the future.
A short hop from Kota Kinabalu is Penampang. One of the most populous districts in the State and at the very edge of its capital, Penampang is a place where urban life collides with rural life. PACOS Trust has made its home here for decades.
The SEED School is PACOS Trust's latest adventure. SEED takes gives young people from around Sabah who have fallen through the educational cracks a second chance. These bright youths are trained in everything from entrepreneurial skills to organic farming techniques. Partnering with various industries around Sabah, SEED is working to benefit young people and enhance their lives and communities.
The young people at SEED have been taken under the wing of the management at one of Sabah's newest 5 star hotels - The Hilton Kota Kinabalu. There they are learning new skills and trades in the hopes which they can apply to their own careers one day. The executive Chef at the Hilton will be using ingredients from the SEED school's garden to create a dish for us.
Koro is a young man with a mission. Along with his father he is transforming his family's monocultural Telupid Palm Oil plantation into an organic farm to grow produce for sale to his community and other markets. This excellent work has led to a surprising additional work title - Elephant Whisperer. Koro has established a rapport with the region's elephants and is able to move them away from he and his neighbours farms peacefully, enabling a healthy coexistence between farmers and elephants.
SAWO is Sabah's Women's Action-Resource Group. For 30 years, SAWO has been striving for women's rights and gender equality. Their mission is to promote equal rights for all, especially for women and children in our society.
After the devastating earthquake that hit Mount Kinabalu in 2015 the village of Kampung Kiau Nuluh the people of the village were having a difficult time getting their pineapples to market. Their fresh fruit was going rotten. So, a group of women in the village banded together to literally preserve their livelihoods and have created a new industry in the town - pineapple jams, chutneys and juices are now what helps keep the village afloat.
Deep in the heart of Sabah lies Telupid, a poor but thriving town that lies two hours out of Ranau. After leaving his kampung for the bright lights in Kuala Lumpur, Anderson has returned to Sabah to establish eco-tourism businesses and develop his community.

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