Huminodun is a TV one-hour historical drama set in the time when gods walked the land in Sabah. The film is the origin story of the Kadazandusun Harvest Festival known as Kaamatan. It tells the story of how Ponompuan, the daughter of the gods Kinoingan and Sumundu, was sacrificed to save the starving people of the land. 
When Ponompuan’s brother Ponompulan turns the people against their creators, Kinoingan and Sumundu scourge the land. Ponompuan is heartbroken and endeavours to try to save them. She brings the people back to the worship of their gods and saves them from the famine, bringing the bounty of produce that Sabah currently enjoys. This comes at a terrible personal cost. 
Huminodun has been made entirely in the Kadazan language as part of an effort to increase the usage of an endangered indigenous language.
Using the Kadazan language and highlighting the unique culture of the Kadazandusun people the film brings the culture of Borneo to the screen in a unique and fascinating way.

Huminodun Cast and Crew

The "Scourged Village" scene was taken at Inobong, Penampang.
The scene when Kinoingan and Sumundu come down from the heavens was also taken at Inobong, Penampang.
"The Sacrifice" scene was taken at Inobong, Penampang.
After the banishment of Ponompulan, Kinoingan and Sumundu took Ponompuan back with them to the heavens. This scene was taken at Mari-Mari Cultural Village.
With the beautiful Mount Kinabalu in the background, green hills and wide stretch of paddy fields, Kampung Piasau became the perfect location to shoot the final scene in Huminodun.

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