A 30 minute magazine style show that investigates how our ancestors lived to be so old!
The show will have three segments which will cover the districts in Sabah and their treasures. In this segment, the host will identify and find out the local ingredient that is unique to the districts he visits and unveils the nutritional properties of the particular ingredient with the help of his mother, a qualified nutritionist. 
In segment 2, Hazli will then combine his knowledge in healthy food preparation with the local ingredients from the earlier segment to help viewers understand how to best use the ingredient in today’s modern context in relation to healthy living. 
And in the final segment Hazli will then combine his exercise science background and introduce simple lifestyle practises or exercises that can be done generally by everyone. This segment may also include highlights of outdoor activities unique to the district he visits. Hazli will share information such as the average caloric burn for the suggested activity as well as provide professional guidelines on how to practise these activities safely.
Some behind-the-scene photos

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