Ripple Recycling Association Sabah, was founded by Anne Lasimbang from PACOS Trust Sabah and Jo Luping from Siung Films to combat the glass waste crisis in Sabah while simultaneously creating income and educational opportunities for rural communities, starting with Penampang. 
Their shared objectives contain transforming glass waste into industrial sand as a sustainable alternative to river dredging, achieved through the use of cutting-edge glass crushers designed and made in Sabah by TONIBUNG, a social enterprise in Penampang. Profits generated from these ventures will be reinvested in the creation of impactful multimedia content, including Public Service Announcements (PSA's), documentaries highlighting rural communities, programs dedicated to preserving indigenous languages, and captivating oral histories of indigenous communities. 
These multimedia endeavors will be brought to life through the expertise of Siung Film Productions Sdn.Bhd., with collaboration from the Kadazan Language Foundation, ensuring the preservation of mother tongues and cultural heritage in Sabah.
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